Blogging with WordPress

I received this alert today. I had used other blogging platforms before WordPress but opened my account in June 2008 to blog about CCK08. I chose the name Clyde Street as it was my home address in Mongarlowe, NSW. I thought it might connect me with all the remarkable participants in the open online course … Continue reading Blogging with WordPress

Blogging Underway #SpCP13

In the last few days I have started to receive links to blogs for the #SpCP13 unit at the University of Canberra. So far I have heard from: Fiona Scott Amy Emma Sam Ella Michael Kieran Sarah Caity David Julian Isaac Nichola I love receiving news of new student blogs. This year’s early doors blogs … Continue reading Blogging Underway #SpCP13

Blogging at #SpCP13: Week 2

This week’s #SpCP13 tutorials were held in the University Computer Labs. My aim was to start a conversation about e-portfolios and personal learning networks. I suggested we looked at four blogging platforms: Blogger WordPress Tumblr Posterous Three presentation platforms: SlideShare Prezi SlideRocket I wanted to discuss YouTube and Flickr too. I invited the students in … Continue reading Blogging at #SpCP13: Week 2