QR Code Update: December 2012

I have written a number of posts about Quick Response (QR) Codes in the last two years. One of the posts has been one of the most popular posts on Clyde Street. I have a QR Code for Clyde Street on the front page of the blog. Recently, I have been interested in Vocaroo’s use … Continue reading QR Code Update: December 2012

A Small (Augmented) World

Each Saturday morning we have a family visit to Dojo Bakery in Braidwood. In the lane on the way to Dojo we usually see Bronwyn and Helen. This morning I found Helen using Augmented Reality to share information about a Wynlen House course. Helen was using this picture to link to augmented reality resources She … Continue reading A Small (Augmented) World

#SCP12: The Coach As Performer

This week in Sport Coaching Pedagogy at the¬†University of Canberra I am going to look at the Coach as a Performer. Performance is a pervasive issue in this blog so I am hopeful we will have an opportunity to discuss some important issues. There is a SlideCast of the presentation on SlideShare: This is a … Continue reading #SCP12: The Coach As Performer