Coach education: watch making and pinball?

This morning, John Kessel shared a poem with me (and his network of coaches) written by Terry Pettit. The title is If I Could Coach Again. I copy it in full as a postscript to this post. The poem arrived early morning here in Braidwood and made a great start to my day. The first … Continue reading Coach education: watch making and pinball?

Perceptions of Performance

Introduction This week has converged for me around conversations about performance. On Sunday, I was involved in an after action review of my crew’s performance on a fireground. On Monday and Wednesday, I continued my critical friend conversations with colleagues at the University of Canberra about performance review and preview … and the ownership of … Continue reading Perceptions of Performance

Being a Coach

Introduction This morning, I received a link to an article in The Atlantic. It was written by Chris Koentges and was published earlier this year (19 February). It is a fascinating account of coaching. The focus is Urpo Ylönen (Upi), a Finnish ice hockey goaltending coach. Game Understanding Urpo is seventy-one years old. Chris discusses … Continue reading Being a Coach